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Christopher Walken Project

Not to terribly long ago I had attended The Bill Murray Affair at the suggestion of of the very talented Kulevya. What I found was bevy of amazing art work (and prints for sale) from a number of brilliant artists. After an art filled night, I knew I wanted in on the next gallery. Not long after, Public Works S.F. announced the next show; The Walken Situation.

A few things I’ve learned through this process is, I need to learn how to make better, longer lasting stencils. I feel, as this is my first real foray into this kind of art, that I’m doing pretty well with it. It makes me ravenous to do even better (and the mind reels with numerous art projects). I also need to document this a bit better. Someday when I have a much better camera, I’ll be able to take better process shots and perhaps even do some time lapse videos of the creations.

Below you’ll find the process shots for three paintings I’m looking to submit. Fingers crossed that they make it in!


EDIT: At the time of this post all three paintings made it in! Prints available soon. Come check out these and a host of other amazing art at: The Walken Situation – November 28th, 2014

“The Dreamer”

– First Draft

Background for the first draft of "The Dreamer" The Dreamer - First Draft The Dreamer - First Draft - Detail

This one started off strong, but I wasn’t careful when spraying the white for the face and in turn got a ton of over-spray that I wasn’t happy with, at least, not for a gallery piece. I decided to re-do the whole darn thing. Original was up for sale but has been claimed by a good friend.

“The Dreamer”

– Final


"The Dreamer" - Final - Background "The Dreamer" - Final - Facepaints "The Dreamer" - Final - Face Stencil
Christopher-Walken-The Dreamer-04 Christopher-Walken-The Dreamer-05 Christopher-Walken-The Dreamer-06


This was more like it. I was happier with how this came out all around. Everything painted with acrylic spray paint on 16×20 Gallery Canvas. Some of the stars even glow in the dark.

“Space Walken”

-In Space

Background complete Stencil printed Stencil cut Laid out and taped
First spray First spray detail Touch-ups and add-ons Touch-ups and add-ons detail
Final Final (hung up)

Had a lot of fun creating this one. Time permitting I might have re-done it as well, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well I turned it around.

Acrylic spray paint on 24×36 Gallery Canvas.

“Take Flight”

– Walk without rhythm

Stencil cut and placed First the black... ...then the stars Back to the original I had liked!
Take Flight - Stencil This is how it came out.

Another favorite. When I started this piece, I had something grander in mind. Once I laid out the stencil in all its layers in Photoshop, I switched that vision to what you see here (tho I may revisit the original idea, someday). On the first go around, I had finished the iconic silhouette, with stars, on the pink background and I was happy with it. The artist in my wanted to test my limits and try something new! The last two pictures are what I hoped it would look like and how it came out. Again, I need to practice more with my stencils and explore making stencils in different material (mylar will be my next experimentation). I need better color selection as well. Needless to say, I resprayed the whole thing and went back to the basic silhouette and stars I had been previously happy with.

Acrylic spray paint on Gallery Canvas. 20×20.